Modern fabrics, classic patterns.

The perfect combination.

Ready to give your handmade business an online presence?

Modern Sewist is a beautifully designed website that will save you time (and money!).

I have worked hard to create a beautiful, feminine website that can and will work for any handmade business. Although this particular example is for a sewing business, the site can easily be modified to suit your handmade soap and body products, your knitting and crochet, your watercolor artwork, or any other handmade business. Not just a pretty face, the Modern Sewist website is also a well-planned, functional and effective design. It loads quick and is designed to look great regardless of whether you’re viewing in on a computer, a tablet or a phone. 

If you’re ready to take your handmade business from the craft fairs to the internet and want more than a social media account can offer, then this website could just be your ticket to getting there.